Data Intelligence

The best course of actions, at the right time, from the right data.

Do you keep on being told that
"you're not there", that your data is not ready for Advanced Analytics?

Are you having trouble to access your operational data so you can take informed decisions? 

Is your information scattered among different teams, with different software and systems, from different eras? Are you told it would cost too much to change them? Do you keep hearing that analyzing geodata is too complex and expensive, that there’s nothing useful to extract from your mobile data?

We are here to help. No matter the source, the format or the type of your data, the Mind in a Box ecosystem of solutions will offer you the right tools to tap into every single source of information in your company, including geodata, without having to rethink your entire organisation.

It’s time to put all of your data to work, so you can get the most out of your digital transformation. 

Did you ever feel that last month's figures weren't giving you the full picture?
Did you ever want to check what happened this week, today, fifteen minutes ago?


We know your business today moves much faster than yesterday, and that it will accelerate even faster tomorrow.

To stay relevant and actionable, Analytics need to show you what is happening in your operations, right there and now.  Mind in a Box is designed from the ground up to provide you with real-time analytics, thanks to its extreme data ingestion and processing capacities.

It’s not enough to get the right data, you need it at the right time, and our Mind in a Box Zen integrated with M/B Track are designed from the ground up for real-time analytics. 

Did you ever think that your Analytics should warn you about your problems before they arrived, not confirm them? Did you keep on wishing they would bring solutions, not explanations? 

Nothing looks more like a pie chart than another pie chart.

If your dashboards are only used after the fact, if they are only there to verify what your employees or customers are telling you on the field, you’re not using the right analytics. We designed the Mind in a Box ecosystem to package everything you need to not only  have descriptive analytics, but to benefit from predictive and prescriptive capabilities. 

You need your Analytics to provide you with more than pretty colors and Powerpoint content. Mind in a Box Catalyst and AI+ have been designed to provide you with extensive alerting and recommendation capabilities. 


Our integrated Data Intelligence
solutions are ready for you 

M/B Track

Our geoanalytics module provides you with ingestion , mapping, planning and track & trace capabilities. If you need to know where your current operations happened and when, or to optimize the next ones before they do, this is the right tool for you.


M/B AI+ (Accelerated Intelligence) is providing you the best of breed of Open Source and AI libraries, integrated with our data intelligence solutions, so you can focus on developing the right predictive and prescriptive capabilities, while we take care of the data for you. M/B AI+ is pre-optimized to offer blazing performances on the M/B Catalyst.

M/B zen

Compact, energy efficient and agile, our Edge Analtyics appliance will fit where you need it, even in the most spartan IT environments, even in the field. It's time to decentralize your analytics so you can be faster, more agile, more secure. Whether you can't use the Cloud or you need to connect it to your operations, M/B Zen is the perfect solution for Hybrid Computing.


Making the most out of current GPU AI acceleration capabilities and designed with Nvidia's support (Mind in a Box is part of the Nvidia Inception program), M/B Catalyst has been conceived to provide you with the very best cost / performance ratio, whether you use it alone with your own AI platforms, with M/B AI+ or integrated with the Mind in a Box ecosystem..

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