Your Entire
Data Intelligence

Manage all your DataOps, MLOps and NetOps/SecOps 
With one simple, cost-effective and ready to use EaaS solution

Actionable intelligence, when and where
your operations happen.

On-premises, on the Edge, with all the advantages of the cloud.
Get everything you need. Pay only for what you use.

Simple yet powerful

Turnkey solution packaging the Hardware, Software and Service, empowering everyone with instant insights at their fingertips!

Data Savvy

All your Data - whatever its source and wherever it's located, we'll make it worthwhile. Bring it on!

Lean and efficient

We are experts at rationalization, to offer you the best cost-performance and environmentally friendly solutions!

Best of breed

You need the best - that's why we are only partnering up the best hardware and solution providers in the world!

open and flexible

Our Open-source DNA is your guarantee for fast to deploy, cost-effective, customizable and future-ready solutions that fit right your needs!

Maximum availability

Production ready, always active, always up-to-date and always watching over your infrastructure and data for maximum reliability!

Empowered by World Class Partners, Delivered Your Way

The right level of performance
at the best Total Cost of Ownership

Mind in a Box comes pre-optimized and fully integrated to improve performance while remaining simple and modular to perfectly fit your needs.


Affordable Turnkey Hybrid & Edge Computing Appliance for Decisional Intelligence


Kickstart your AI journey with an edge! GPU powered Hybrid & Edge HPC Appliance for AI Acceleration



A prepackaged ecosystem of mobile, multisensing, GPS / IPS devices for Track & Trace, Industry 4.0, Smart Building / Cities

From provisioning and deployment to managed services and training, everything is included. A turnkey solution billed
like the cloud.

It can be deployed in your facilities, or hosted under our care. You can pay by the month.

Our ecosystem supports your business requirements by enabling prepackaged and accelerated solutions upon a revolutionary and patented on-premises infrastructure.

How it works

Mind in a Box goes the extra mile when compared to cloud providers or infrastructure solutions, by integrating vertically from the infrastructure all the way to your applications. We can maintain and update your system, so you don’t have to, or we will make it easy for you to do so.

It can start showing your analytics within hours from being deployed. Our local partners will assist you every step of the way.

Digital Transformation

Data intelligence

Intelligent Networks

IoT / AIoT


M/B Track

Geo-Analytics, GPS, mobility, multi-sensing


Cybersecurity, Continuity of Operation, QoS


Track and Trace, proof of location 


Manufacturing 4.0, IoT


AI, automation



Edge & On prem analytics, as easy as the Cloud


2000+ Pre-configured data sources

M/B Catalyst

Accelerating your decision making

Interested to discover how to get the most of our accelerated solutions?

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