The ultimate solution for all your monitoring and cybersecurity needs

The Centreon & Mind in a Box ecosystem at the service of your IT.

The Centreon & Mind in a Box ecosystem at the service of your IT.

Managing complex IT infrastructure ?

Often time, we meet IT managers who lack a centralized visibility over their entire and ever-evolving hybrid IT Operations, with too many expensive tools and siloed monitoring solutions to watch over and maintain. They also usually encounter difficulties in aligning their ITOps with their business performance, unable to leverage the wealth of data from all their data sources.

If that sounds like you, we have the best-of-breed solution to monitor and secure anything, deployed anywhere, with the best TCO in the market!

Centreon IT & Business Edition

The most complete span of digital performance monitoring

Centreon comes in two commercial editions that extend the future-ready Open-Source framework promoting agility, scalability and flexibility in the never-ending journey to modern IT.

With the IT & Business Editions, Centreon implements a unique combination of IT Automation, Auto-Discovery and Configuration Templating tools to fully automate the process of maintaining the monitoring platform up to date. Centreon also provides functionalities to extract and visualize the business context of end-to-end IT workflows, giving straight answers to questions such as: which business operations are currently impacted, and how? By mapping dependencies, you can easily identify causality and monitor the IT Service or Business Process as one single composite element, in a single pane of glass, all in real-time.

With 700+ zero-config connectors, it’s never been easier to monitor your entire business, from the Cloud to the Edge.

Centreon can do it all with Mind in a Box!

On its own, Centreon monitors the complete IT Infrastructure from Cloud-to-Edge in real-time; with Mind in a Box, Centreon can now do it all!

With 2,000+ connectors and data sources preconfigured, Centreon can come packaged & delivered inside a self-managed box and integrated with leading partner solutions Splunk, Accedian and Elastic for turnkey ITOM, APM, LOG ANALYSIS, NPM, NDR, SIEM & SOC.

Never again will your end-users experience service degradation and outages!

Supercharged with AI, Centreon & Mind in a Box also package predictive and prescriptive capabilities for you to always be aware of incoming issues and to maintain a proactive posture.

With Mind in a Box, Centreon becomes the keystone of your entire IT monitoring and cybersecurity practices!

With Mind in a Box, Centreon becomes the keystone of your entire IT monitoring and cybersecurity practices!

Centreon, Mind in a Box and their ecosystem come modular, so you only pay for what you need, when you need it. Processed in a box on-prem/at the edge, all your data is secured and solely accessible to you – supporting even air gap environments, to meet all your GDPR and Data Sovereignty requirements.

All the solutions and services packaged within the box come with complete managed services, including the infrastructure where they reside, so you can focus on what matters. In fact, when we talk about turnkey, we really mean it since the deployment services and training are also included!

Accelerated on Intel and NVIDIA hardware, Mind in a Box is your key to simplicity, security, compliance, performance, and cost efficiency!

For the most comprehensive 360° Observability, QoS and Security,
Centreon is also offered as part of the Mind in a Box Secure turnkey solution


Holistic visibility on complex IT workflows, from Cloud-to-Edge


Protect your business and modernize your security operations


End-to-end network, application and service performance visibility

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Mind in a Box is a preferred partner of Centreon North America with a dedicated team of certified technicians