Artificial Intelligence

A team of experts to support you at every stage of your AI adoption

Leverage the extended capabilities of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence can help you boost your productivity, streamline your processes and enhance your competitiveness. Before embarking on the AI journey, you need to understand how AI can benefit your business and what steps are required to achieve your goals. 

We are your trusted partner in this journey. We can assess your specific situation and help you discover the potential of artificial intelligence for solving your problems and creating value. We will provide you with customized solutions, adapted to your reality and your business objectives. 

Guidance for AI adoption assistance programs

The Canadian and Quebec governments recognize the transformative role of AI technologies, the strength of the artificial intelligence ecosystem in Quebec, and the benefits of AI adoption by local businesses. To accelerate this process, they offer a multitude of AI programs to support organizations in their artificial intelligence transformation. 

We know such programs well, as we have been using them for many years for our clients, our partners and ourselves. We have worked with most of the funding organizations and have obtained or help obtained numerous grants and loans over the years, with several for AI projects. 

We can assist you in selecting and applying for these programs, by validating the eligibility of your project, complying with the conformity criteria and maximizing your chances of success. 

We are a service provider recognized by the Scale AI program, and our integrated EaaS solutions, which facilitate and accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence, are in the official catalogue of Invest-AI and have been selected as the infrastructure solution for three Scale AI projects.

Design and implementation of applied artificial intelligence projects

Our team consists of experts in applied artificial intelligence, data engineering, and infrastructure. We provide a comprehensive and integrated approach to your project, taking into consideration both technical and organizational requirements. We will accompany you throughout the lifecycle of your project, from conception to implementation, including testing and maintenance (DataOps and MLOps). 

We offer innovative and personalized solutions, based on the latest advances in AI. We will help you leverage the potential of your data (and enrich it if necessary), solve your business challenges, create added value, and differentiate yourself from the competition. We will guide you in choosing and using the most suitable technologies for your context, such as machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, or reinforcement learning. And the use of our integrated EaaS solutions greatly facilitates and accelerates the deployment of these solutions. 

We also bring our expertise in AI governance. We help you comply with current principles and standards, ensure the quality and reliability of your data and models and protect the confidentiality and security of your information. 

They trusted us for their transformative AI projects