Understanding AI for Business: Transformative Technology, Simplified

Understanding AI for Business: Transformative Technology, Simplified

AI and machine learning, while once considered largely experimental technologies, have quickly matured to become a transformative influence on business strategy across a growing list of industries and sectors.

Companies seeking a competitive advantage and differentiation from other providers have come to understand the value that AI-powered tools have to offer. However, some are still struggling to understand the full scope of this still-new and constantly evolving technology.

In this webinar, discover how these technologies and foster a deeper understanding of their unique differences and benefits.

You’ll come away with:
– A general understanding of the distinctions among terms like ‘artificial intelligence,’ ‘machine learning,’ ‘deep learning,’ ‘natural language processing’ and ‘computer vision’.
– A better take on how these technologies have become uniquely useful for addressing business needs.
– A thoughtful discussion of the future of AI technology for business, where it’s headed, and what we can expect in terms of commercial AI solutions.
– And more!

Moderator: Ramesh Dontha, Managing Partner, Digital Transformation Pro
Panelist: Jérémie Farret, Vice President – Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence (3AI) at Inmind Technologies
Panelist: Paul Kowalczyk , Senior Data Scientist, Solvay
Panelist: David Yakobovitch, Data Science Team Lead, Galvanize



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