AIoT – Real life situations at the Edge of 2021’s Digital Transformation

AIoT – Real life situations at the Edge of 2021’s Digital Transformation

Discover how IoT is currently undergoing a profound mutation in order to respond to two different, apparently opposite trends.

On one hand, AI processing, having to deal with the constant, explosive growth of IoT and multi-sensing datasets, is in the final phase of being migrated to the Cloud, with a complete virtualization of storage, and processing power, that touches many if not most industry practices. On the other end, the emergence of increasing computing power and AI capabilities directly at the endpoint in IoT devices is enabling automation directly in the end or at the proximity of the operations and users.

These two opposing trends, in 2021, actually do not oppose each other but combine harmoniously to propose new generations of AIoT (A neologism translating the combination of AI and IoT) applications, which not only introduce transformative new services for the general public, but also enable a new level of safety and agility to Digital Transformation.

This webinar will present the general challenges and the potential of this new generation of systems, and list a number of real life situations for which hybrid computing, hybrid AI applied to the Edge and IoT situations can push the industry further at the service of the general public, in areas as varied as Industry 4.0, Smart Building and Smart City, e-Health, Vehicular Automation, Consumer / Mobile applications as well as Domotics. Finally, it will detail the multiple implications of integrating Edge AI to the existing panoply of tools available for Digital Transformation in a post Covid world, and the precautions which are required to make it a success.



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